Free Online Video Poker

Free Online Video PokerIn the mid 1970’s many people were tiring of the traditional slot machines found in the casinos of Las Vegas and Atlantic City, in an effort to boost revenue many casino bosses decided to bring in the video poker games. These were an instant hit as many people who loved slots but preferred to play a game that would incorporates a little bit of quick thinking and strategy. After a few years’ people then started tiring of the traditional land based casinos, turning their attention instead to the online based casinos, this is how free online video poker was born. Interestingly enough even after a quarter of a century the early version of Jacks or Better video poker  is still one of the most popular and frequently used games in casinos.

In an effort to attract more players the online casinos began offering free online video poker games, these were a great way to introduce the sceptics to the world of the internet based casino. By allowing gamblers to play free online video poker, the casinos managed to attract the attention of the world’s most faithful casino goers after they realised that being able to play free online video poker, they no longer had to go through the schlep of driving to the casino every day, they could simply stay at home and indulge their pastime there.

Free online video poker also allows players that are new to the game, the opportunity to test it out, learn the game in a safe and risk free environment, these players on realising that free online poker games were fun then started playing for real money, these people then told their friend about the online casino revolution, and online video poker took off. The more people that began to play, the more attention the casino began giving it, introducing new variations of the game, organising massive multi-player tournaments and introducing the big jackpots of the progressive poker games. Unlike other games, online keno actually does not have any winning strategies. Yet lots of people formulate their very own criteria.

All these factors have taken the game of free online video poker games to new heights, and today the some online casinos can boast more players, higher revenues and bigger payouts than their ordinary land based compatriots. For the simple reason that the upkeep of an online casino is far less expensive than traditional ones, they don’t have to pay casino staff and such allowing them to pump more money in to their most important commodities, their players.